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For all you cool kidds around the Glens Falls area come check out what’s happening this weekend. Hoping to get home early enough Friday to attend the festival at the airport on the 19th, if not I got two more days!

Today I brought something to life. “Carried Away” is the title of this piece. Made up of steal cord, a metal drum and other scrap metal. The material was attached through welding and forging process.
It’s a semi free standing mobile piece that’s meant to be outside. When wind gets trapped in the sculpture it causes it to rock back and forth giving the impression that it will be carried away by the wind. #welding #forging #metal #steal #sculpture #collegeart #art #sunyplattsburgh #white #spraypaint #mobile #moving #expressionism #channelyourfeelings #artworld #skill #craftsmanship #creativity #BFA #work #hardwork (at SUNY Plattsburgh)

ask about the wolf in my chest.
or how i have been staring at the window
for the last eight hours trying to write about
how you make me hate myself
for loving you so much.

ask why my fingers are always cold
but my heart is always burning up.
inquire why my chest is sucking up all the flames
just for them to be spit out of my mouth when you leave.
ask me why i never told you i was a dragon.

let me howl for you,
let me show you my insides.
don’t be scared because the wild thing in me hates
the indifferent thing in you. don’t tremble because
i’m unforgiving when i’m hungry.

ask me if i miss you,
or how long it’s been since i thought of you.
let me tell you that there’s a monster in my body
that loves you.
let me tell you i am thinking about you now,
right now,
and it just won’t go away.
(via aestheticintrovert)


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